After many years of amateur winemaking, Jill and Ken Peck took the plunge into the world of
commercial winemaking by forming Dakota Creek Winery in the summer of 2005.
About Dakota Creek Winery
Winemaking at Dakota Creek
Our philosophy is to select only the finest quality grapes from Washington's premium grape
growing regions, hand-make wines using gentle fermenting and cellaring techniques to bring
out the 'terroir" of the vineyard, and market superlative wines at affordable prices.  We embrace
sustainable and environmentally sound practices both in the vineyard and at the winery.  
Grape Crush
3575 Haynie Rd
Bob Carl in the Vineyard
Open 1-5 pm Thursday through Saturday
Dakota Creek
The process of making wine at Dakota Creek begins early in the year by negotiating grape
contracts with select vineyards whose viticultural practices meet the demanding requirements for
our wines.  As fall approaches, we keep in close communication with the growers to monitor
each variety for pH, sugar and total acidity. As physiological ripeness approaches, we start
tasting the grapes for "organoleptic" properties.  When we determine the grapes are at their
optimum flavors they are hand-picked and we immediately transport them to the winery to be in
making Dakota Creek Wines. Fermentation is conducted in small batches and meticulously
monitored through extensive laboratory analysis. For wine varietals that benefit from oak
exposure, aging is conducted in American or French oak, as appropriate. Our environmentally
friendly cellaring cave is a metal arch building covered with soil and bark to maintain a perfect
47-64 degrees without ANY heating or air-conditioning.  The building was manufactured by
Future Steel Buildings.  You can see more of their work on their web site
www.futuresteel.com or
you can email Derek Michelson at 261@futuresteel.com.