About the Wine Club
Ken and Jill Peck, owners and winemakers at Dakota Creek Winery, produce premium affordable
artisan wines.  The DCW Wine Club is your opportunity to discover these wines at reduced prices.

By joining the Dakota Creek Winery Wine Club you will treated to two bottles of remarkable wine
three times a year.  You can choose to pick them up at the winery or have them delivered directly to
your door. You may pass or make substitutions on any selections.
Wine Club
No Charge Membership Benefits
*        Wine selections (2 bottles) three times a year (Mar, Jul & Dec)
*        Discounts
10% discount on less than case lot
20% discount on case lot (12 bottles)
25% off case lot during the wine club selection months (Mar, Jul Dec)
*        Receive priority for purchasing limited edition wines.
*        You may “Pass” at any time if you do not wish to receive the featured wine.
Dakota Creek Winery Wine Club Membership
The winemakers will select two delicious Dakota Creek wines to feature for each wine club
shipment. You can choose to have them shipped directly to your home or office, or you can save
the shipping by picking them up at the winery.
Membership Details
Members pay a one time membership fee of $10.  There are no membership dues and you
can cancel at any time by phone, fax, or email.  Unless you chose to “Pick up at the Winery”,
you agree that your credit card will be billed at the time of each featured shipment. Members
must keep us informed of any address change as we cannot be responsible for any shipping
charges due to misdirected shipments.  You must be at least 21 years old to join, and
shipments require an adult signature for delivery.  To join, simply complete the form below or
sign up next time you visit the winery.  

If you chose to have us hold the wines for pickup at the winery, you will be notified by e-mail
when the wines are ready.  If you are having them shipped, we will ship them to you via UPS
unless you request to pass by the 15th of the month.

We can ship to several states. Please inquire if you would like to ship outside of Washington.
Cellaring Cave
Art Event
Open 1-5 pm Thursday through Saturday
Wine Club Membership Form
Today's Date
UPS Delivery
If you choose to have us ship your wines, you
will be billed for the shipping and packaging
2 Bottles   -  Pkg $4  UPS $15
3 Bottles   -  Pkg $4  UPS $20
6 Bottles   -  Pkg $5  UPS $25
12 Bottles -  Pkg $6  UPS $35
(Subject to change)
Pick up at the winery - DO NOT SHIP
Ship via UPS
Shipping Agreement:
I understand that I will receive 2 bottles of Dakota Creek Wine shipped  three times a year
to the  address above if not picked up at the winery by the 14th of the month, unless I notify
you by email that I wish to ‘pass’. Each shipment will be billed to my credit card. I will keep
Dakota Creek Winery advised of any address change and agree to be responsible for
shipping charges on misdirected packages caused by an address change.  I may cancel
my membership at any time by phone, fax, letter or email. I am at least 21 yeas old and
will ensure that someone at least 21 years old will sign for the shipment at the delivery
If you are having your wine shipped, please
check here indicating you agree to the above
If you chose to have your wine shipped, we will call you for your
VISA/Mastercard data.  If you chose to pick your wine up at the winery, we do
not need to have your credit card information.  You will be charged the $10.00
membership fee on your next purchase at the winery.